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AD Intérieurs 2012

AD interieurs

AD Intérieurs takes place from 8th to 21th September at Artcurial,obeying to the theme: Imaginary Journeys, with the support of Louis Vitton.

For this third edition, the magazine AD invites 13 contemporary designers to deliver their interpretation of imaginary journeys through the interior layout.

The results are the following…


The lounge by Thierry Lemaire Sofitel

The room is located in an antique shop dating from the eighteenth century, decorated by Thierry Lemaire Sofitel. Painted decorations are mixed with black mirrors, creating a mysterious effect. The Chinese influence can also be found in libraries, console and occasional tables wooden feet and curved plate lacquered colors. The center of the lobby, two double sofas turquoise velvet islands consist of friendly and elegant, fit lifestyle promoted by the French Sofitel.


The lounge California Shahan Minassian

Shahan Minassian is a renowned decorator well-known for its art decorations, playing with textures and bold stylistic arrangements.

This project includes a ceramic front of a wall of Peter Lane, sofa Vladimir Kagan chairs John Dickinson and consoles Karl Springer. These pieces of design icons interact with a picture of clouds signed Jack Pierson. These juxtapositions result into a cozy ambiance.


The bathroom cliff Bruno Moinard

Bruno Moinard composed his setting by keys allusive. In mythology, the bath of Diana, the birth of Isis or Aphrodite were synonimous of the source of life, the fountain of youth and time devoted to meditation. It is with this ancient tradition that is conceived the space of Bruno Moinard.


The bathroom Maharajah by Joseph Dirand for Louis Vuitton

Bath, floors and walls in Calacatta marble, wood ebony, coffered ceiling, glass grid bronze shower, tiles white gold … nothing is too good for this bathroom.

All components are part of the excellence of French know-how in service lifestyle. A perfect style shared by Louis Vuitton and Joseph Dirand.


The pavilion in ellipse by Pierre Yovanovitch

This circular building is conceived with the outside in white and a mirror-lined ground. These aerial structures reflected in brushed metal ground give an impression of levitation. There are objects such as a sculptural sofa in solid oak, coffee tables ceramic painted black and a lamp by Paavo Tynell.


The habitation model by Rafael de Cárdenas

The eye is first caught by the colorful geometric compositions rhythm carpet the ground. Then there are the architectural structures, both sides of the room, which catch the eye. Bed and banquet, table and desk fit into metal cages framing signed Baccarat crystal chandeliers. Walls and ceiling covered with mirrors, reflecting the infinite rolling these lights. The ghostly atmosphere evokes both sets neoclassical Predators movie, Tony Scott, disjonctés clips of Duran Duran. Everything is well thought, very composed, deeply nested.

AD interieurs

The Parisian salon by Francis Sultana

Francis Sultana is a decorator from London. Despite his origins, he has a Parisian exotic spirit. He comprises a lounge lived in creamy tones and water.


 An oneyric library by Charles Zana

We are in the lair of a design lover loving contemporary pieces on the border between art and design. In the library arranged around a couch fleet luster Andrea Branzi. Console Sophie Lafont marble adorns the hallway. In the stairwell are exposed ceramic Sottsass and Alessandro Mendini Alessandro. Dark tones emphasize the dreamy poetry of this space.


The lounge ethnic by Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot engages in construction games graphics declining to infinity design of an African fabric. Small, tapestries on the walls, over-sized on the carpet. Pattern determines the structure of a surprising sofa consists of 15 modules. Ceiling, the chandelier was inspired by the layout of the board. Everything is random and repeat optical illusions reflected to infinity in the mosaics of mirrors oxidized chimney and leaves a glass screen giant.

ad interieurs

Dolce vita salons by Dimore Studio

In the first space, retro chairs, screens and plants evoke the reading rooms of the palaces of the past. The second show is more of a cabinet of curiosities. There are exposed sculptural library, sort of metal cage, cult objects of Italian design – ceramics, vases and other everyday objects…



The rooms eclipse Rosa Anne de Pampelonne

Parts. Rose Anne de Pampelonne agency two rooms echo. One behind a door Chinese pavilion evokes a winter garden, with its walls covered trellises asymmetric. The other, more mineral, is lined with tin foil and adorned with a screen-leaf mirror patina. The same color palette and a selection of beaded pieces of furniture artists – Max Ingrand fixtures, mirrors and Line Vautrin Hervé Van der Straeten – unify these two spaces dreaming.


Work by Vincent Darré 

A giant screen which fits in door, window and fireplace, deploys its panels around the room to define a baroque boudoir and intimate. Drawings woodwork sham, in shades of tobacco, rust and tan, respond games perspective of a maze woven mat on the ground.

ad interieurs

The room by François-Joseph Graf

François-Joseph Graf redefines the structures of living with classic architecture.

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