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Meet By Design Conference 2015

Design Conference is an international multidisciplinary conference focused on design and design thinking, held in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The first edition of the conference was completely sold out and has proudly hosted designers such as Stefan Sagmeister, Irene Pereyra & Anton Repponen from Fantasy Interactive, studio Vasava, Method and others

Organized by a civic association ( BCK_SPC) it is curated by Milk Studio, which is responsible for the selection of the speakers at By Design Conference. The are truly an expert in the field, especially on art direction and visual communication.

Every year, the most inspirational speakers from all over the world are invited  in order to present the most successful design projects and remarkable business stories in the world.

Take a look at the some of the event speakers  and get to know them a little better.

Erik Spiekermann

Meet By Design Conference 2015

Spiekermann’s influence on contemporary graphic design is unparalleled. This outstanding expert and self-named typomaniac is responsible for numerous custom and redesigned typefaces and font identities for world-renowned corporations such as Audi, Volkswagen, Nokia, Bosch and The Economist. Moreover, he has created dozens of commercial typefaces including FF Meta and ITC Officina, which are considered to be modern classics of typography.

In 1979, he founded MetaDesign – German mega-firm providing global design consultancy. The success of this company can be measured by a long list of the most relevant prizes including multiple red dot awards and European Design Awards. Ten years later, Erik revolutionized the world of digital fonts & typography when he startedFontShop and became the first online distributor of digital fonts. Nowadays, he is a driving force behind the successful agency Edenspiekermann with more than 100 employees. Recently, he published a book Hello, I am Erik – the first comprehensive visual biography of Spiekermann’s life and his influential, timeless and highly professional work.

Jessica Walsh

Meet By Design Conference 2015

Jessica is a business partner of Sagmeister & Walsh, one of the best-known studios in the world . This young gun is a master of creating outstanding design projects full of colours, friskiness and feelings of an illusion. She has done work for significant clients such as Museum of Modern Art, The New York Times, Levis and Adobe. Her impressive multidisciplinary work has won various awards from major design competitions and festivals, and has been featured in numerous books & magazines.

Besides Jessica’s commercial works, her sweeping success is the result of the impressive personal projects. The most famous of them – “40 Days of Dating” has been viewed over 8 million times and there is also a book and Warner Bros movie in progress. Currently, she is working on the hilarious project “Quotes on Shit”. She talks about design worldwide and now you have the chance to experience her incentive lecture on design in Bratislava.


Meet By Design Conference 2015

Imagine a perfectly balanced combination of playfulness, freshness, pure originality and colouring power. That is how Brosmind’s design works look like. Their original illustrationshave been awarded with the most prestigious international awards, including Cannes Lions. It is no wonder that clients, such as Nike, Microsoft, Gillette, Land Rover and Volkswagen have used Juan’s and Alejandro’s award winning talent for their ad campaigns and brand identity works.

The wide-ranging universe of Brosmind can’t be fully understood without theirmemorable personal artistic projects like Brosmind Army, Brosmind City or What’s Inside, perfectly balancing out their commercial work. After dozens of talks, workshops and exhibitions all around the world, Mingarro brothers bring their colourful, amusing and above all instantly eye catching mastery to By Design.


Meet By Design Conference 2015

Huge is an outstanding global digital agency known for its exceptional ability to find the perfect balance between great design and frictionless usability. Their unique capability of creating successful digital business strategies, integrated marketing and user experience design is awarded and praised all over the world. Services of the Huge agency have been used by the world’s largest businesses and best-known global brands, including Google, Eurosport, Gucci, Disney, Samsung or Nike.

1000 people working in 11 offices over 4 continents are the driving force behind the agency. At By Design 2015, Huge is going to be represented by Josh Payton, the vice president of User Experience departments in Europe. Josh has a long-term experience in UX, acknowledged by the trust of big name clients.

Stockholm Design Lab

Meet By Design Conference 2015

Stockholm Design Lab is one of Europe’s most highly respected design companies. The harmony of simple design, remarkable ideas, iconic illustrations and clear visual identity is their unmistakable signature. SDL proved the power of simple but detailed work by winning most prestigious awards such Cannes Design Lion Awards and by international list of clients on top with IKEA, Volvo, Scandinavian Airlines, Coca-Cola and Absolut Vodka.

Lab’s philosophy is rooted in Scandinavian tradition and based on the fundamental ideas of simplicity, clarity, openness and innovation. At By Design conference SDL is going to be represented by Edvard Scott, the Digital Director of Lab. Edvard’s work reaches from advertising campaigns for IKEA and digital strategy for the Swedish government to major identity projects for corporate giants.



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