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Woonbeurs 2012


We’re anxious to assist to the 20th edition of Woonbeurs exhibition, the greatest interior design fair at Neederlands, which is taking place until 30th September.

Mostly dominated by dutch brands, Woonbeurs is well-known by its influence through minimalistic design.

This year, we assist to a plenty number of renowned brands that will surely surprise for elegance, softness, sophistication and -above all – good taste.

The multi-brand Store Flinders will mark its presence at booth 007B, hall8. It is undoubtedly one of the most expected exhibitors, since it represents international renowned brands such as Moooi, Marcel Wanders and Kartell, among others.

smook chair

Smook chair by Moooi

Fatboy, which showcases at booth 075, hall 11, distinguishes itself by the originality that the brand invokes: from lighting until indoor and outdoor furniture, the brand is recognized by its colorful and eccentric items.


Fatboy distinguishes itself by its originality

But when it concerns to comfort, the brand Terapy, which showcases at booth 033 Hall 11, has the last word. Idealized to follow ergonomic living parameters, its famous beanbags literally shape to the client’s body. We are even able to say that to experience Terapy’s beanbags is to experience comfort.


Terapy beanbags are available in 15 colours of soft stretchable cotton

The multibrand store Musthaves, which showcases at Stand 007E, Hall 8, will also captivate the attention: from Kartell to Moooi, various are the renowned brands that are represented by the dutch store.

design agenda

Masters Chair by Kartell can be seen at Stand 007E, Hall 8

If minimalistic design is in the order of the day, join it to sophistication in lower prices: yes, you had just guess. We’re talking about IKEA, the leading European brand of home accessories, which will showcase at Stand 001, hall 8.


Ektorp, the new soffa from IKEA

But if you think that design brands are only the ones related to home decoration, be enlightened by this information: Jaguar, the top leading car brand, will bright the space of hall 11 at booth 062.


Leolux furniture will fulfill the area of hall 11 of sophistication, at booth 024. The dutch brand has a high quality furniture collection with 100% dutch design.

design agenda

Parabolica, by Stefan Heiliger for Leolux

Lastly, we invite you to have a look at Patricia Urquiola’s work. The international Milan-based designer will be present at Woonbeurs at 28th September.

patricia urquola

The Milan-based designer Patricia Urquiola 

We’re sure you’ll not miss the greatest design event in Netherlands.


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