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Welcome to Blickfang International Design Exhibition

Written by: João Matias

To all design lovers, maker devotees and culture enthusiasts: Welcome to the world of blickfang. Twenty people put all their effort and love for design into this design shopping platform.

Blickfang International Design Exhibition 2015


In the search for the best international design – so you can meet the maker on  blickfang events, buy unique pieces right on the spot and explore new ideas in the amazing onlineshop. Find out more about the fairs in Vienna, Hamburg and Zurich. 500 international furniture, fashion and jewelry designers are going to be right there.

Blickfang International Design Exhibition 2015

Blickfang Vienna is opening its doors in the Museum für Angewandte Kunst from October 30th till November 1st. Designers from nothing less than 14 different countries are right there to present and sell their furniture, fashion and jewelry designs. Searching for Europe’s design hotspot? Visit blickfang Vienna.

Blickfang International Design Exhibition 2015

Meet the designer: The exhibitors from blickfang Vienna are based in 14 different countries. Nevertheless, they have to be there in person to explain, promote and sell their designs. Talking to the designer, you will find out aspects you never took into consideration – your new chair, dress or broche will become something very special and personal.

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