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UK’s Top Interior Designers

Best Design Events brings you the 10 top Interior Designers in the United Kingdom. Today’s selection goes from the great influence in interiors Nina Campbell to David Collins.

Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell is one of the world’s most respected and influential interior designers. Her list of clients and design expertise is unparalleled. Renowned for her contagious wit and brilliant sense of style, her designs appeal to both young and old and sit well in both contemporary and traditional interiors. Her enthusiasm and interest in design and interiors was developed when, at the age of nineteen, she went to work for John Fowler at the prestigious Sybil Colefax & John Fowler. Shortly afterwards she set up her own decorating business, where one of her first commissions was to design a castle in Scotland and Annabel’s private members’ club, Berkeley Square, London, in her unmistakably elegant and rich colour palette.

UK’s Top Interior Designers

Staffan Tollgard

Brought up in Stockholm, Staffan’s personal style is born out of Asian and Scandinavian functionalism. He uses the Swedish expression of the ‘red thread’ to explain the design narrative that underpins every project. The thread is the guiding principle of creative endeavour, the core essence that he strives to find in each project. An architectural detail, a family heirloom, or a collection of art; each project has its own creative DNA that tells the client’s story using the language of design. House and Garden’s Leading 100 Designers says ‘Staffan’s flair for fusing modern furniture and art into chic, tailored interiors has made him a favourite with design-conscious families. Beautiful bespoke joinery is a given’.

More about Staffan Tollgard work here.

UK’s Top Interior Designers

Helen Green Design is a comprehensive design studio encompassing interior design, interior architecture and a range of bespoke British-made furniture, and known for creating beautifully crafted interiors. One of Britain’s leading interior design practices; it was founded by Helen Green in 2002 with a commitment to delivering exception interior design and interior architecture for their clients. Currently, the design is led by Natalia Miyar, who is supported by a team of talented designers. Helen Green is an influential figure in the studio and her own design ethos is the guiding light for them. Nevertheless, each individual designer is encouraged to develop their own styles, seeing as Helen believes Helen Green she has a strong and talented team.

UK’s Top Interior Designers

Bunny Turner & Emma Pocock

Turner Pocock was established in London in 2007 by founding partners Bunny Turner & Emma Pocock, Their studio has grown into a dynamic and passionate team of interior designers working alongside a number of industry-leading architectural designers. Turner Pocock is a leading interior design company providing the highest quality design services for both private residential and commercial projects in the United Kingdom and abroad. The company designs inspiring traditional and contemporary spaces that always seek to maintain the delicate balance of form and function.

UK’s Top Interior Designers

Fiona Barratt

Fiona Barratt founded Fiona Barratt Interiors in May 2006, and has grown into a successful Interior Design studio working on high end residential and commercial projects in the UK, Europe and America for International private clients. Their success is born from the dedication and experience of our talented team who work closely with clients from the concept to completion of projects, delivering an exemplary service on time and within budget.

UK’s Top Interior Designers

Caroline Paterson

Caroline Paterson founded Caroline Paterson Interiors in 1987. Prior to this, Caroline worked for six years as assistant to Chester Jones, one of the senior partners at Colefax & Fowler. Her working life began in the Furniture Department at Christies and she has maintained her love for sourcing antiques and frequently buys from art fairs and galleries for her clients. Along with this, Caroline also designs bespoke pieces of furniture and rugs, and plans to launch her own product range in the near future. Caroline’s style can best be described as eclectic and versatile, with the foundation of her inspiration based predominantly on architecture, about which she cares deeply. She enjoys the contrast of working on contemporary interior design projects as much as traditional and whilst at Colefax, spent many years working on corporate projects.

UK’s Top Interior Designers

Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley creates sumptuous, inspiring interiors for the most discerning clients. Her refined yet eclectic aesthetic has earned her a position as one of the most sought-after interior designers in London and commissions for landmark commercial and residential projects around the world. An innate sense of adventure has defined Katharine’s life and shaped her design philosophy. Katharine is an intrepid traveller and has visited more than 250 countries. However, what may come as surprising is the fact she has summited many of the world’s highest mountains, driven a team of dogs on a sled to the North Pole and crossed the Sahara on horseback, so one begins to form a picture of a truly original and adventurous interior designer. Her unrivalled personal and seamless service is characterized by charm, humour and an obsession for detail. Katharine and her talented 20-strong team deliver projects on time and within budget, without ever compromising on craftsmanship or style.

UK’s Top Interior DesignersWaldo Works

Waldo Works is an architectural design studio, known for their modern British design combined with a sense of wit. With the collective experience of founder Tom Bartlett and partners Sasha von Meister and Andrew Treverton, the studio translates brand identity into engaging design concepts and liveable environments. Connected to the heritage of a place, be it architecture, former use, or materiality, the studio is very much tied into the present. Dynamic and modern in their approach, the intelligence lies in taking the existing and skewing it, whether in proportion or through the juxtaposition of old and new. Waldo Works are respectful yet irreverent, with a sense of playfulness that ensures everything functional is beautiful, and every detail is thoughtfully addressed.

UK’s Top Interior Designers

Robert Carslaw

Robert Carslaw has run a highly successful design and decoration business over 25 years, offering a friendly and personal service to clients. In today’s world, he recognises that he must be able to offer a versatile approach to design, so that he can interpret clients’ varied tastes and preferences, which are informed by the many ways in which style and form have become juxtaposed. His knowledge of classical and modern architecture, with his training in furniture design and textiles, enables him to work not only in a traditional context, but also in a contemporary format.

UK’s Top Interior Designers

David Collins

Irish-born David Collins studied architecture at Bolton Street School of Architecture in Dublin,then moved to London and formed his architectural practice in 1985. The team comprises 45 architects, interior designers and furniture designers. David’s most recent hotel and bar triumphs include The Delaunay in Covent Garden, Massimo and Bassoon at the Corinthia in Westminster,and Lime Wood in the New Forest. House and Garden top 100 “A visionary designer with faultless taste, whose interiors fuse opulence with tantalisingly pretty colour. Bespoke furniture from the David Collins Studio is the icing on the cake.”

UK’s Top Interior Designers



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