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Top Exhibitors at 100% Design

100 per cent design  Top Exhibitors at 100% Design  100percent design london banner

Last week we named the first list of exhibitors that will be in the upcoming tradeshow in 100% Design in London. These may not be as known as the other names, but their work will sure impress you.

Servomuto – Stand L361

servo mutto  Top Exhibitors at 100% Design  servomutto lampshades

Servomuto lampshades at 100percent Design London

SERVOMUTO was born in 2007 in Italy to manipulate lampshades by re-interpreting the old style of lampshades and adding unusual trimmings to salvaged materials. Most of the production are unique pieces, proudly hand-made in Italy.

Abstracta – Stand O40

abstracta  Top Exhibitors at 100% Design  abstracta office space

Abstracta Office space at 100percent Design London

Abstracta is a Swedish brand that develops and markets products for creative environments, offering innovative work-spaces to customers in private and public companies with their range of acoustics, meetings, workstations and storage.

Young and Norgate – Stand D36

young design  Top Exhibitors at 100% Design  young and norgate furniture

Young and Norgate at 100percent Design London

Young and Norgate is a small group of designers and craftsmen who create contemporary furniture that is unique, elegant and timeless. They don’t manufacture, instead they craft each piece of furniture by hand using time-honoured techniques from their workshop on the south coast of Devon.

Minolte – Stand K150

Top Exhibitors at 100% Design  minolte furniture

Minolte furniture at 100percent Design London

Minolte is British brand dedicated to the manufacture of high quality furniture to a wide and diverse range which includes storage/shelving, coffee and sidetables, stools and benches and kitchens for industries across the public and private sector.

Myyour – Stand L340

myyour furniture  Top Exhibitors at 100% Design  myyour furniture

 Myyour furniture at 100percent Design London

Myyour is an Italian brand producing distinct line of futuristic products that is best characterised as a perfect blend of craftsmanship and innovation.

And that’s our top for today. Which brand impressed you the most?


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