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The 5 most fashion NYC design events you have to know about

NYC, the Big Apple, the “ centre of universe” the “ city that never sleeps”, the “urban jungle” is the largest City in the US and without any questions the most energetic city in the entire world! It is also an architectural marvel and a artistic/cultural oasis, with plenty of stuff to see. For those who are design aficionados, we highlight the 5 most fashion NYC design events you cannot miss.

1-       Pulse Contemporary Art Fair, NYC

With the 1st edition dating back 2005, Pulse Contemporary Art Fair, with anual editions in Miami and NYC, is an amazing place to update about the new trends and to boost the market overall connection´s. The fair spirit is all about “ cultivating a supportive environment for it´s international community of galleries”.

Pulse, NYC is one of the most fashion design events
Pulse, NYC is one of the most fashion design events

2-       NY Now

Starting at 2005, and with all sort of activities between January and February, everyone visiting NY Now will have the chance of dealing with a large range of ativities and industry events, in the spirit of adding value to the market experience of each entity represented.

NY Now
NY Now

3-       NYC X Design

Returning in May 2015, NYC X Design  aim is to lift NYC design standards to its full potential!

NYC X Design, returns in May 2015
NYC X Design, returns in May 2015

4-       Wanted Design

With the objective of defining “ the standard for international design curation”, Wanted Design is scheduled to May, 2015, and this year organization is expecting to surpass the 10.000 attendees of last year´s edition!

Wanted Design exihibits
Wanted Design exihibits

5-       NYC Fashion Week

As one of the world´s top fashion events,NYC Fashion Week is a must visit event to anyone who likes to being aware about the new fashion trends, and the visitor can expect to be surrounded with the most outstanding and fashion people in the all planet!

NYC Fashion Week
NYC Fashion Week


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