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Summer Holidays Hit – Charming Carpi, Italy

July 31, 2014

Over the centuries, Capri’s charm and natural beauty have attracted artists and creative minds that not only chose the island as their adopted home but also played an active role in preserving its natural history and historical artefacts. This is still evident today through the many museums, galleries and cultural organisations that protect the island’s heritage.

CAPRI in Italy with its effortless chic vibe and endless blue vistas is about as close to Nirvana as you’re likely to get. Best enjoyed in the shoulder seasons (late spring and early fall), it’s a magical place full of natural and archaeological wonders, not to mention delicious food and first-rate hotels. If you’re in the market for complete relaxation you’ll find it on this island.


Chill out. Relaxation is the name of the game on Capri, with the odd shopping excursion, ice cream cone, and cultural detour thrown in for good measure. The sun is intense and the temperatures soar in the summer months. Capri is the epitome of la dolce vita, and you’ll want to surrender to the preferred island activity of not doing very much at all.


Take the ferry to the Seas. While you will have taken a ferry to reach Capri, a small, chartered tour of the island by boat (preferably a Riva) is a wonderful way to experience the azure Tyrrhenian Sea. Many hotels can arrange for the use of their own boats: Capri Palace will rent the owner’s 65-foot South Wind for the day.



Capri’s biggest attraction is the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), a coastal sea cave that is flooded with brilliant blue light. Yes, it’s beautiful. But be warned: It is also teeming with tourists.


Commune with the Ancients. Visit Villa San Michele because this museum and park really should be explored at great length. Built on the ruins of Emperor Tiberius’ villa by the Swedish doctor, Axel Munthe, this magnificent spread sits atop a promontory overlooking the sea and houses moss-covered relics, ancient columns, and statuary at every turn. The house is comprised of beautiful loggias, atria, bedrooms, a wonderful kitchen, and an embellished chapel. Within these rooms you’ll find over a thousand objects — Etruscan antiquities, Renaissance choir stalls — that Dr. Munthe sourced from all over Europe during his lifetime.



Visit museum. White Room (WR) blends innovation with tradition. WR focuses specifically on showcasing artists that are internationally recognised. It features artists that have been able to innovate their technique or their iconographies in a global field. WR presents public exhibitions and is active internationally in projects and events, such as leading art fairs.


MARCO GRASSI – GRAMA. Born in Milan in 1966, lives and works in Lugano.

Museo DiefenbachAn obligatory stop on any tour of Capri, the 14th century Certosa di San Giacomo has evolved into one of the island’s most important event venues and the impressive setting for the Diefenbach museum.

Diefenbach museum.

Where to Eat. In a Mediterranean atmosphere, sitting at blue wooden tables, you can have lunch and dinner almost every hour of the day.
The restaurant “IL RICCIO”, awarded with one star in the 2013 Michelin Guide, is a place of signs and symbols, of women with hair made of sponge and sea mermaids created by artist Paul Sandulli.
The open kitchen is decorated with majolica tiles from Vietri.





WHERE TO STAY. Capri Tiberio Palace Hotel. The beautiful J.K. Capri Hotel in Capri, Italy designed by Italian architect, Michele Bonan which features elegant seaside decor. Each of the 22 rooms are decorated individually and features mostly blue and white rooms with some other sunny yellow and white rooms and violet accents thrown in the mix. This hotel is perched atop a rugged cliff with amazing views of the Mediterranean. I love how the rooms are simplistic enough as to not compete with the amazing views outside!






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