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Prism, exclusive debut at London Design Week

The London Design Festival which runs from 14th to 23th September, celebrates its 10th edition with plenty novelties.
One of the major expected must-sees is Prism, a  key highlight this year, conceived by Keiichi Matsuda to Veuve Clicquot, the Champagne brand.
Matsuda is concerned with the integration of media into everyday life, using a mixture of video, design and architecture. Prism presents an alternative view of London, exposing unseen data flows in the capital. The installation simultaneously engages with three scales: Urban, Human and Networks.
“Prism is alien; a seductive but ultimately unknowable artifact occupying the city. Gazing into it, we can discern the shadows of data, but are locked out from full understanding. This is not a project about the politics of data visualisation, but rather an investigation into urban informatics, and our relationship with data itself.”, explains Matsuda.
Appearing as a giant suspended iceberg set into the V&A’s uppermost cupola, the sculpture will be lit up like a lantern, displaying live data flows on different aspects of the installation via internal projectors.

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