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PAD London: Art+Design

pad  PAD London: Art+Design pad

PAD London is one of the most expected art exhibitions in London. Collectors, curators and consultants are attracted to the transformed mecca of the art until 14th October.

The Pavilion of Art+Design (known as PAD London) located in Berkeley Square,  welcomes its sixth edition with 65 leading modern and contemporary dealers.

PAD’s new design galleries this year are all contemporary specialists, including Gallery Seomi, from Seoul; Pearl Lam Design, from Shangai and Hong Kong; Gallery Fumy, from London and Hervé Van Der Straeten, from Paris.

We highlight the most rare pieces which you can admire and, if you can afford it, we strongly recommend you to acquire one of these valuous items.


london design  PAD London: Art+Design a1

Yvea Klein’s SE 208, 1958 from L&M Arts

london art  PAD London: Art+Design l

Arman’s aliced bronze ‘Force décuplée’ 1995

design  PAD London: Art+Design a

Oval Meander Coffe table 2011 & Simon Hantad’s graphic Tabula, 1981

london  PAD London: Art+Design n

 Sculptural lamp Pop by Guy de Rougemont and Jedd Novatt Ariane.3 sidetable 

pad London  PAD London: Art+Design d

Max Ingrand’s pendant chandelier & loo Parisi’s sexy curved sofa, 1950

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