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Must See Luxury Sideboards 2014

Best Design Events had a pleasure to prepere the deluxe lacquered sideboards selection for true design lovers; usual to old style, common to extravagance and more. These inspirational and trendy design pieces will bring uniqueness to the decor of even the most luxurious interior design project!

So, if you are in hunt for luxury sideboard just take a look at our recommendations for 2014 stylish interior!

Must-See-Luxury- Sideboards- Selection- 2014-Contemporary-sideboard-design-in-matt-graphite-varnished-frame

Boca do Lobo gives us an example of utmost level of both skill and imagination combined to create an exceptionally unique object that will stand out in any room. Monochrome Gold sideboard expresses the vision of its time, but also wins intemporality in each detail. This piece distinguishes itself through its good taste and a sophisticated touch, as well as by the urban and contemporary character of its use.

Must-See-Luxury- Sideboards- Selection- 2014-monochrome-gold

Brand Koket revisit the dazzling world of a French cabaret through the Burlesque console. Its acrobatic loops & spins paired with exotic skins and a black crystal on each one of the 4 drawers exude the mysterious traits of a feisty diva.

Must-See-Luxury- Sideboards- Selection- 2014-burlesque-console-passion-sconce-koket-projects

The simpleness is one of the powers to change the dwelling looks into relaxed and innovative. The simple ornament details of your sideboeard can make a difference. With its Canaletto walnut doors and burned oak silk-screen printing, the Webber is obviously the most easily recognizable of all the Cattelan Italia sideboards. Another ingenious Andrea Lucatello creation, the sideboard adds both visual and textural contrast to any interior that it graces. Completing this exquisite and ergonomic collection is the Torino, which makes a statement with its engaging wood inserts and sophisticated appeal.

Must-See-Luxury- Sideboards- Selection- 2014-Webber-sideboard-with-burned-oak-silk-screen-printing

Must-See-Luxury- Sideboards- Selection- 2014-A-perfect-accent-addition-in-scarlet-red-for-the-living-room

 Boca do Lobo had dictated the trend at their best as well! Limited Edition Diamond Chocolate in a style of a precious jewel had made a splash in interior design. Diamond features two highly sculptured doors leading to a gold leaf interior with shelving and one drawer. The exterior of this fanciful piece presented in silver leaf finished with a luxurious shade of translucent chocolate brown with high gloss varnish, it’s base made from mahogany lined with bronze mirror.

Must-See-Luxury- Sideboards- Selection- 2014-diamond-chocolate-sideboard-boca-do-lobo-05

Going in a completely different direction with its design, Nebraska by Paolo Cattelan is a sideboard for those who love the antique, timeless look. Made from heritage oak, the elegant sideboard blends a smart, modern design with a traditional vibe, as it comes with clear methacrylate feet and sleek glass shelves!

Must-See-Luxury- Sideboards- Selection- 2014-Beautiful-sideboard-with-frame-and-doors-in-custom-crafted-Heritage-oak

Leading the pack with its glitz and glamour is the Kayak crafted by Andrea Lucatello. Its engaging and sculptural doors bring something unique to the table, while the lacquered glossy finish lets it blend in with a setting that is both minimal and contemporary. Available in both three- and two-door versions, the Kayak is a perfect fit for modern homes that demand a sense of sophistication and lustrous charm.

Must-See-Luxury- Sideboards- Selection- 2014-Sideboard-in-natural-oak-adds-inviting-warmth-to-the-room



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