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Meet In Pieces exhibition

In Pieces is a interactive new online exhibition and it talks about the most endangered animal species in the world. In order to celebrate the diversity, this upcoming design event is  an attempting to remind the beauty in the world, 30 animals have been chosen for their differences, so that online visitors can learn about species they didn’t know about previously as well as the struggles they have in surviving.

Designed by Bryan James, each animal is represented by one numbered “piece”, the set uniting together to form each other to highlight their common struggle and explaining in detail what threatens their existence.

Meet In Pieces exhibitionIn Pieces main goal is to educate and inspire, and above all to make people think about this complex and intricate topic.

Meet In Pieces exhibition

Meet In Pieces exhibition

Meet In Pieces exhibitionYou can visit this online design event here, and do not forget to share it with all your friends and to tell everyone you may know about this noble cause!

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