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Makers&Brothers at Noho Design District

The Standard East Village, 25 Cooper Square
Friday May 18–Monday May 21, 12PM to 7PM

The Irish team behind Makers and Brothers will present an exciting, interactive showcase of contemporary Irish craft and design. Titled MAKING 01, the event will highlight the making of a simple stool, looking at process as an intellectual and physical activity. In a small temporary workshop, set up just inside the front window of the Standard East Village hotel, the Wicklow woodworker James Carroll will be crafting a series of green wooden stools based on an old Irish milking stool archetype. A workbench, a shaving-horse, a wall of tools, a stack of timber, and off to work. As stools are produced they will be placed out for use around the room; as the days go by, the stools will increase in number and the floor will slowly disappear under a carpet of wood chips, the physical manifestations of the process there for all to enjoy. At the end of the event, all of the stools will be available to purchase. Alongside the installation will be a concise collection of beautiful objects still produced in Ireland today. The work on show will feature objects of use; the simple, beautiful, and sometimes nicely odd.

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