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Having thw year of 2015 all in front of us, Best Design Events presents you the Maison & Object 2015 Preview.

Maison & Objet will celebrate his 20th anniversary and a party will take place at the crossroads of business and creativity, where the provider of solutions meets the needs of visitors from around the world. But the anniversary will not be the center point; the theme of the fair will be around the theme “make”. “Make” is about the coming back of the art of manufacturing and crafting techniques where the pleasure of the piece start when she’s created. The most trained hands combined with new technologies will be honored.

546b6f8c350ae4COUVS-MAKE-2  MAISON & OBJET PREVIEW 546b6f8c350ae4COUVS MAKE 2

Some expositions will take place in the hall 7 recreating in their philosophy the concept of the theme.

NATURE MADE by François Bernard

MAISON & OBJET PREVIEW  MAISON & OBJET PREVIEW 546c7c5a1b70b980x550 natureMade FB

A living combination of 3 types of professionals; scientists, artists and designers whose purpose is to create objects never before seen with natural textures and materials.  Those bio-artistes promise to give birth to fascinating creations.

HUMAN MADE by Elizabeth Leriche

MAISON & OBJET PREVIEW  MAISON & OBJET PREVIEW 546c7cabbc534980x550 HumanMade helizabeth

It is about the art of using materials and techniques available to craft something special and unique. The art of elevating the singularity of a banal object to make it persistent along the time.

TECHNO MADE by Vincent Grégoire

MAISON & OBJET PREVIEW  MAISON & OBJET PREVIEW 546c7d24268c1980x550 TachnoMade VincentGThis exhibition is about the future of our homes and the role that engineers will have in the raise of our comfort and esthetic. New life experiences and wellness will be the center of this exhibition in the Nelly Rodi space.

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