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Maison et Objet 2012: what you must visit

• Opening Time
From Friday to Monday: 09:30am to 07:00pm.
Tuesday: 09:30am to 06:00pm.



It starts already today: Maison et Objet, the french renowned exhibition. The central theme of this edition of September is “Essential” and the brands which are showcasing here are already in the spirit of the theme.

Hall 2

In Hall 2, the minimalist art gains force. Bare geometry, simple lines, transparent materials, lighter forms and gradations of colors are privileging high emotional wattage. Design is creating a minimalist art that plays the card of discretion and invites contemplation.

Example of that is Minimum, by Elizabeth Leriche. In line with the logic of a return to basics, Minimum advocates clean, the end of bling and overloaded, if not obsolete. The lines are simple, streamlined forms, transparent materials and discreet appearance is an invitation to contemplation and serenity. The stylistic asceticism free space the weight of things.


 Minimum, by Elizabeth Leriche

Still in Hall 2, it’s impossible to not be impressed by François Bernard’s work. Forms are inspired by living and existence. The molecular or astral curves embrace those elements. Air, water, fire and earth. Nature is the greatest designer of all time, it instills the principles of eternal beauty in human creations. With its power and fluidity.


 Élement(s), by François Bernard

If you walk a little more you assist to the most optimistic work, “Yes future!” opening his arms to the future, welcoming a cry from the heart: highly tomorrow! The changes in mentality, new technologies, open a previously unknown territory, a terra incognita created by imagination and the desire to improve the long-term existence.

yes future

 Yes, Future!, by Vincent Grégoire, Agence Nelly Rodi

 Hall 7 Espace Scènes d’Intérieur

At hall 8, you must get a look to Hubert Le Gall’s work. The designer describes his “bestiary chic” living room interior scenes: furniture and objects inspired by the animal and plant world.
The focus is on young artists with a selection of six Asian designers in “Talents à la carte”, and the presentation of the winners of Young Artists from Ateliers d’Art de France.

Anthemis, by Hubert Le Gall

In this wall, it is also essential to visit the brand which was chosen to feat in the Maison et Objet advertising: Koket, with its “Armoire Mademoiselle”.

Hall 8, Espace Now Design à Vivre!

In this year, now! design à vivre welcomes over 200 exhibitors for whom innovation is always in style, with a vintage trend that can be seen in furniture pieces by Anouchka Potdevin or, at the heart of the new Tech now! space, Elipson’s re-editions of stereo systems from the ’70s.


Dsàt chair, by Anouchka Potdevin

Still in hall 8, it’s fundamental to visit the Outdoor / Indoor exhibition,  the annual gathering for the art of Outdoor and Indoor Living.

In Out

In this exhibition, Miing is showing thermolacquered steel stools, tables and Emu, a new furniture collection designed by Jean Nouvel. Another architect leaving his mark on this hall is Philippe Boisselier, who designed the overall look for hall 8.

Schedule very well your design agenda in order to see all the most meaningfull exhibitions!

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