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Luxury meets opulence at The Grifinny

Luxury meets opulence at The Grifinny Grifinny


New York hides a world of mysticism that we will discover for you. At 8th Avenue-14th St, it’s hidden a world of insanity and grace, a mix of luxury and revery. It’s called ‘The Grifinny’. Why to go there? Well… first of all, the ambiance: its classy couchs don’t let anyone indifferent.

Grifinny’s unique interiors – large mirrors, chandeliers, blue velvet banquettes and turn-of-the-century detailing – draw people into an irresistible ambiance of amusement and well being. Besides the fancy drinks, you can also have not-so-classy punch bowls served at your table for up to ten people.

Forget about being fashionably late: the party gets going early thanks to the crisis-friendly open (free) bar from 19-20.


Open Hours: Mon 17:30-23. Tue-Sat 17:30-04. Sun 19-01.


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