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John Armleder’s force of nature

Armleder’s puddle paintings are one of the main exhibits of a group show he is leading at David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles.

Armleder is a Swiss artist, painter, sculptor, critic and curator. His work is innovative, as he usually pours large quantities of paint onto canvas, and then, before they are completely dry, adds foreign objects such as glitter, toys, jewellery and bric-a-brac which stick to the pools, creating texture and unusual juxtapositions.

Armleder’s art is perfect for those who i love messy art, specially who relates with Jackson Pollock pieces of art.

John Armleder's force of nature

John Armleder's force of nature

John Armleder's force of nature

John Armleder's force of natureJohn Armleder's force of natureArmleder is backgrounded by Stéphane Kropf, John Tremblay, Mai-Thu Perret and Blair Thurman, his inseparable friends and colleagues.

Their wall stencil featuring a repeating bunch of grumpy-looking kale sets a humorous tone for the show, which runs until 25 April. Do not miss this design event as it is part of Best Design Events 2015 Design Calendar selection!




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