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Irish Design 2015 is the start of a job creation journey exploring, promoting and celebrating Irish design and designers through events and activities on the island of Ireland and internationally.

ID2015 aims to foster dialogue and collaboration. By encouraging investment in design as a key component of competitiveness and innovation, the overall objective of the initiative is to sustain and grow employment opportunities and sales and export potential for the Irish design sector into the future.

IRISH DESIGN 2015  IRISH DESIGN 2015 ID2015 Ireland the Design Island LogoDesign creates a better world. It can enhance our lives, our environment and our society. It shapes everything we see, use and experience and can change how we live, work and play. It can bring communities together and influence how we interact with each other. ID2015 explores the themes of Sense of place, Sustainability, Creativity and Well-being, as they relate to all parts of society.

They are so common that we rarely even think about them: the Hidden Heroes of everyday life. Be it a towel, a tea bag or a zipper, these objects are classics. Typically based on an idea that was both simple and ingenious….don’t miss it!

IRISH DESIGN 2015  IRISH DESIGN 2015 Heartcover 92 600x420

Portfolio Furniture  exhibition  from 22nd  May to  4th  July 2015, presents over 60 innovative pieces by over twenty highly regarded furniture makers and designers, working in a centuries-old continuum.  Featured artists include Zelouf + Bell ( cabinet above), Tricia Harris, Klimmek & Henderson, Dunleavy Bespoke, John Lee and Shane Holland. 

IRISH DESIGN 2015  IRISH DESIGN 2015 Heartcover 26


IRISH DESIGN 2015  IRISH DESIGN 2015 Heartcover 34

Dunleavy Bespoke has unique pieces… of the best irish design.

IRISH DESIGN 2015  IRISH DESIGN 2015 Heartcover 43


John Lee and Shane Holland. bring to us beautifull patterns ….

IRISH DESIGN 2015  IRISH DESIGN 2015 Heartcover 651 e1433409031140

IRISH DESIGN 2015  IRISH DESIGN 2015 Heartcover 72Klimmek & Hedden  more abstract, plays the pattern with diferent wood.

IRISH DESIGN 2015  IRISH DESIGN 2015 Heartcover 82

Don’t miss these events, is a complete cultural  overview….Find more at  Irish Design 2015.

Simply amazing!

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