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imm cologne 2016

imm cologne 2016 – The first interiors show of the year presents the trends that will be shaping the furniture and interiors sector – and the products that are good for business. At the imm cologne, you’ll find a unique variety of interior design ideas for every room, every style and every requirement – from the basics all the way to designer items and luxury furnishings.

At the imm cologne, suppliers and decision-makers from the sector’s major markets around the world will be setting the course for successful future business.

Find out what can help boost your business and discover not just new ideas but established solutions as well: the diversity, quality and internationalism you will experience at the imm cologne are second to none. Year after year, you can count on the imm cologne to present both market-ready new launches and the furnishing trends that will be shaping the future.

The imm cologne isn’t just the very first interior design show of the year, it’s the first choice for renowned international exhibitors and decision-making professional visitors from all over the world as well. The imm cologne showcases inspiring interior design ideas for trendsetters and provides markets with new impetus. And the major innovation drivers, market leaders and brands will be there.

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imm cologne 2016

The imm cologne segments

The imm cologne is divided into several segments, each of them with its own unique theme: Pure, Pure Editions, Pure Talents, Comfort, Prime, Sleep, Smart, Global Lifestyles, Living Interiors


The design format with the longest standing at imm cologne. Halls 10.1 and 11 form the main platform for the big, stylistically influential design brands – with plenty of scopes for creating worlds of their own. Pure brings together pioneering innovations, original product displays and international lifestyles over three levels and in the good company of like-minded exhibitors.

imm cologne 2016

Pure is characterised by a wide variety of product lines and styles. The fact that the manufacturers positioned within this segment still manage to find their audience (or vice versa) is due to their reputation. The exhibitors here are known for their unusual but liveable ideas, for products that are inspired by design but produced in high-end quality, and above all for their authentic design – for behind every new product is not just a designer but the hand of its manufacturer as well.

Pure is the format for design quality. Here, the brands stand for themselves – for their design, their philosophy, the quality of their manufacturing, their own style.

Pure Editions

Pure Editions is imm cologne ‘s dynamic format for curators of visionary furniture and furnishing concepts, condensed down to a tee. The custom-designed layout, with its halls clad in dark surfacing, creates a stage-like environment for showcasing the product concepts and interior designs of the international array of Pure Edition exhibitors: a showcase for design installations that lead the way forward. The Featured Editions special events – around a dozen selected installations developed by designers and architects – and “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” are particular highlights of Pure Editions and emphasise the gallery-like character of this hall. Traditionally, young independent designers and design studios can also be depended on to provide a few surprises in the direct vicinity of the Pure Editions leading design brands. Presentation forum The Stage will host reports and discussions on design trends at imm cologne.

imm cologne 2016

Pure Editions at imm cologne provides an integrated hall ambience with individually designable architecture as a platform for strong statements by visionary brands. Pure Editions brings them together on the basis of their innovative character whilst simultaneously highlighting their uniqueness. There is therefore only one guideline for the design of these brands’ presentations: openness. At the visual level the booths, which occupy spaces of between 50 and approx. 150 m² and can be individually designed by the exhibitors are kept open and accessible.

Pure Editions’ main presentation format differs thereby from the traditional fair architecture just as it differs from the condensed structure of the complementary Platforms and Startups format. Platforms and Startups will present an extremely diverse range of interior design products as well as the work of young design labels and independent designers. The unique format of design event “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” also stands out from the fair’s architecture with a new and renowned artist selected each year to present their wholly personal vision of living.

Pure Talents

The platform for young design in Hall 4.2 brings together imm cologne’s activities in promoting international up-and-coming designers and is dedicated in part to the presentation of interior design projects developed by independent networking and design laboratories, and in part to those interior design projects which were developed within university initiatives in the areas of product design, interior design and architecture. One of its attractions has long been the presentation of the winners of imm cologne‘s international up-and-coming designer contest. The name of the contest has been changed from the “D3 Contest” to the “Pure Talents Contest”, underlining its place within the Pure segment.

Pure Talents is a non-commercial trade-fair format, which promotes up-and-coming designers. With its line-up of young designers, design teams, institutions, universities and national groups, it represents a virtually unique range of the international creative scene, in terms of breadth and quality. The exhibition is a highlight for those searching for the unusual and not-quite-polished among imm cologne’s enormous range of market-orientated and high-end products. Prototypes, the experimental and the unconventional are presented in a top-quality exhibition.

imm cologne 2016

Here, visitors can discover new concepts, new material applications and even new forms of distribution as well as sample projects that explore the possibilities and limitations of design.And design teams, institutions and universities can display their concepts and designs freely and introduce their sometimes spectacular installations and innovative projects here, in a lively, relaxed atmosphere with interesting catering concepts. The award presentation of the international up-and-coming designer contest – the Pure Talents Contest – has long been a successful format and constitutes its own exhibition area where young designers present their work themselves.


Cosiness depends on comfortable seating above all and Comfort at Pure presents the entire range of upholstered furniture: sofa suites, armchairs, divans, stand-alone sofas and couches with special functions.

Comfort is the Pure, at imm cologne, is a segment for the multifaceted culture of comfortable seating and peaceful relaxation – alone or in company – for taking a time-out, enjoyment or for spontaneous overnight guests. Virtually no other product category reflects the individualisation of furnishing preferences as much as the upholstered furniture segment does: the spectrum of products on show ranges from stand-alone sofas to modular groupings, from generous, multifunctional sofa suites and more stream-lined lounge chairs all the way to elegant divans and media-friendly reclining armchairs.

imm cologne 2016

Only the addition of a sofa and one or more armchairs turns our own four walls into a comfortable home. For the majority of consumers, well-being, warmth and ergonomics are the most important factors. The product ranges in the Comfort segment combine these qualities with stylish looks and a high degree of practicality.

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imm cologne 2016


Prime re-interprets classic, family-oriented home furnishings with comfortably modern, stylish aesthetics and consistently high quality for all categories of tables, chairs, cabinets and beds.

The Prime segment is home to classic furniture that creates a sense of familiarity and which the owner will have for a lifetime. Wood – the preferred material in this segment – represents warmth, stability and sustainability, while technical perfection and multi-functionality denote a modern lifestyle.

imm cologne 2016

Above all, Prime showcases proven concepts and high-end quality. Here, practical and ecological principles are seamlessly combined with a style-conscious way of life. Elegant and traditional conventions of form, clear structures and understated Scandinavian-style design embody harmonious aesthetics in furniture for all areas of the interior: modern living room and bedroom furniture, period and reproduction furniture, children’s furniture, tables, chairs, dining rooms and solid wood furniture.


High-tech in compact form: the mattresses and sleep systems, box-spring beds and water beds in this segment provide innovative sleeping comfort and are complemented by decorative bedding and accessories.

Highly functional mattresses and a scientifically acquired knowledge of the interaction between support and relief facilitate good sleep and physical relaxation – as represented by the modern systems on show in the Sleep segment. Whilst the mattresses and sleep systems have a tendency towards the unspectacular due to their uniformly white and rectangular appearance, closer inspection of Halls 9 and 5.2 reveals that the box-spring beds and waterbeds presented are defined by their inner qualities, as few furniture categories are. Indeed, no other segment relies so heavily on advance through technical innovation.

imm cologne 2016

As a result, Sleep is not so much a display window as a laboratory – a platform for a product range that probably requires more explanation than any other segment at imm cologne and whose greatest strength is the consistency of its communication partners and the innovation culture of its manufacturers.

Since well-being is defined in no small measure by the haptic and climate-regulating properties as well as the visual appearance of the interplay which the individual elements comprising each sleep system create, textile bedding product ranges are also an integral part of Sleep. Together with the accessories, they succeed in turning a product category otherwise determined by ergonomic and technical aspects into a genuine lifestyle segment driven by wellness considerations.


Smart combines the practicality and versatility expected of furniture for young lifestyles with up-to-the-minute design – for the living room, self-assembly and bedroom categories.

Using highly efficient mass production methods to offer customers original furnishing ideas calls for intelligent concepts, for today even young people demand high standards of originality and functionality when it comes to the products they surround themselves with at home. The appetite for consumption in this segment calls for affordable furniture as a means of spontaneous individual expression and a furnishing culture that is willing to experiment and take not just practical but fashionable arguments into account as well. Accordingly, the products on show in this segment represent a colourful and eclectic mix that also lives up to its name in another way: the e-commerce sales channel is very widespread in this segment.

With Halls 7 and 8, Smart has the generous amount of space it needs to showcase the huge variety of clever product solutions in modern, quality materials that provide sufficient storage space and versatile usage options for young lifestyles and people furnishing their first home. Besides standalone items and complete furnishing systems for the living area and bedroom, this segment also includes home accessories and the wide-ranging field of self-assembly furniture.

Global Lifestyles

Whole worlds to discover! Individual exhibitors and group presentations from Europe and Asia that present a broad, sales-oriented spectrum ranging from self-assembly furniture and classic living room and bedroom furniture all the way to lighting, accessories and unusual sculpture for the home.

The international marketplace that has established itself under the name Global Lifestyles is characterised by a diverse mix of categories and an attractive price-quality ratio. For manufacturers of a living room and bedroom furniture from the (mainly Eastern) European and Asian economic regions, the universal scope of Global Lifestyles makes it the ideal entry-level segment for the Central European market.

imm cologne 2016

In their design too, the products on show reflect the fascinating spectrum that characterises these dynamic markets: from cultural diversity to global mainstream, from a willingness to experiment to a sense of tradition. Many of the individual Global Lifestyles exhibitors position themselves as what can well be described as the “avant-garde” of this segment.

Discovery land: individual exhibitors and group presentations from Europe and Asia that present a broad, sales-oriented spectrum ranging from self-assembly furniture and classic living room and bedroom furniture all the way to lighting, accessories and unusual sculptural items.

The international marketplace that has been established under the name Global Lifestyles is characterised by a varied mix of categories and an attractive price/performance ratio. For manufacturers of the living room and bedroom furniture from the (mainly Eastern) European and Asian economic zones, the universal scope of Global Lifestyles makes it the ideal entry-level segment for the Central European market.

In their design too, the products on show reflect the fascinating spectrum that characterises these dynamic markets: from cultural diversity to global mainstream, from eagerness to experiment to awareness of tradition. Numerous individual Global Lifestyles exhibitors will be positioning themselves as the avant-garde of this segment, so to speak.


Every two years LivingInteriors presents a concept of intelligent room solutions and holistically staged living spaces, formed by the interaction of various interior design products and materials from the segments bathroom, flooring, wallcovering and lighting. Together with imm cologne, LivingInteriors offers a comprehensive and innovatively staged picture of the entire interior design world. National and international exhibitor from the various key segments present trends and new opportunities, which sets incentives for trade visitors and end consumers.

LivingInteriors along with imm cologne takes place from 18-24 January 2016.

City Cologne

The trade fair city Cologne offers many sights worth seeing and a great deal of culture and creates a perfect framework for your visit. Discover this varied and impressive city on city tours, excursions, and boat tours. You can look forward to a host of sights and cultural highlights such as the Cathedral, Romanesque churches, the historic city hall, museums, parks and gardens, architecture, and design.

imm cologne 2016

In addition, your journey will offer countless opportunities in the beautiful cathedral city. Shopping tours, wellness, and sport – combined with Cologne´s hospitality and cheerfulness turns your trip into an unforgettable experience.

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imm cologne 2016

imm cologne 2016

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