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HOME SPA DESIGN “Abitare il Design – Emotional Living”



HOME SPA DESIGN “Abitare il Design – Emotional Living”

From 16th to 22th April, Home Spa Design, conceived by Charles Matthey with the staff of My Exhibition at the next Fuorisalone Tortona Milan Design Week, remains today the event most visited of the Milan Design Week, with 120 000 visitors.

HOME SPA DESIGN only open to professionals, and it has become – in just few three years – a point of reference throughout the design week positioning itself as one of the main references of the last year.

HOME SPA DESIGN aims to represent the emotion seen from the perspective of the designers, but also from the visitors.

Innovation and perfection distinguish the projects of these huge names: FabiovWheel, Marco Piva, Pierandr ei Associates, Studio and Studio Bizarro Scachetti.

This is a stage devoted to projects of 5 great protagonists of the project and their vision of living of the future.

Each one gives shape to domestic furniture and objects using materials that arise strong emotions, resulting a showcase of innovative solutions that open the way for new housing languages.

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