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The Highlights Of 3 Amazing Conferences At Maison Et Objet 

The Highlights Of 3 Amazing Conferences At Maison Et Objet – Another incredible edition of the event Maison Et Objet has come to an end. This trade show always brings out the best of design with incredible stands, inspirations, and design trends.


Today, Best Design Events will show you the highlights of 3 amazing conferences. Take a look:


With every new edition, Maison Et Objet elects a Designer of the Year. The winner of the 2019 edition is Sebastian Herkner. Ready to find out everything that was said in one of the most expected conferences?

The Highlights Of 3 Amazing Conferences At Maison Et Objet 

Sebastian Herkner is a 37-year-old designer from Germany. ‘’My aim is to find a way to balance craftsmanship with new technologies’’. For Sebastian, nothing is more important than changing the way we consume goods, we should always invest in quality materials and craftspeople, as it becomes harder and harder to create waste.

The Highlights Of 3 Amazing Conferences At Maison Et Objet 

“I wish in the next 10 years the crafts still matters. The materials are also in the right way. We just really need to change our consume patters’. I don’t have a plan for the next 10. I think I have some great companies I’d like to work with. Some new challenges’’.


The rising talents conference was also one of the most expected conferences of Maison Et Objet 2019. Frank Chou, Chen Furong, Mario Tsai, Hongjie Yang, Ximi Li, and Bentu are the 6 incredible rising talents. Let’s find out everything they shared this morning at Maison Et Objet:

The Highlights Of 3 Amazing Conferences At Maison Et Objet 

The Beijing-born designer Frank Chou explained that his work is inspired in philosophy and old Chinese ways, but he mixes up his work with some modern approaches. He currently produces elegant, long-lasting, functional pieces which represent contemporary Chinese.

The furniture, product and industrial designer Mario Tsai prefer to “use less, design better”. Although his minimalistic approach to design derives from his professional background past in Scandinavia, Tsi refuses to be known as a Chinese/ Scandinavian Designer.

The designs of Chen Furong are timeless and are a direct result of the research-driven passion of Furong. He usually blends handcrafted techniques with a modernist vision that’s why he says his pieces are the perfect balance between combining technology with traditional crafts.

Born and raised in China, Hongjie Yang currently resides in Europe and that’s probably why he has a more slow and artistical approach to design than the others. Unlike many Chinese Designers that need to work fast to keep up with the growth of Chinese Design, Yang prefers to create fewer pieces but with a more iconic and different look.

Chen Xingyu founded his own design brand Bentu in 2011. His approach to design earned him praises form Miss Zao that recognizes that China needs more designers with the same state of mind and that work to solve two of the countries biggest problems: Pollution and Waste Disposal.

 Ximi Li launched in 2016 an independent design studio Ximi Li and furniture brand URBANCRAFT.  Ximi is committed to global cultural fusion, quality, and good craftsmanship and that’s why his pieces have a more iconic, unique and modern look than the rest.


Excuse My French is the inspiration theme for Maison Et ObjetVincent Grégoire from NellyRodi has once again overseen this highly inspiring space. Let’s see everything that he said:

Maison Et Objet: The Highlights Of 3 Amazing Conferences 

Vincent Grégoire explained that the idea behind the name Excuse my french is that “people all over the world have lost their bearings because of globalization and need to find themselves again. French people are no longer sure about their identity, but at the same time, they are proud that they are still surprising and intriguing.”

Nowadays, foreigners evoke the typical Parisian woman, they talk about a certain “je ne sais quoi”, the “French Paradox” or effortlessly chic”. These paradoxes become quite evident in the design industry as well. There is a “new wave” that imagines hybrid creations, integrates new points of view and which is nourished by new expressions.

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