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Highlighting London Design Festival

Over the Festival that takes residence at the V&A between 19-27 September, there will be hundreds of events taking place across London encompassing a wide range of design disciplines. A dazzling variety of events that show the richness and depth of the design activity that takes place in the capital will be outstanding.

Highlighting London Design Festival

Highlighting London Design Festival

Highlighting London Design FestivalFrom established businesses to emerging practices, from entrepreneurs to educators, from manufacturers to retailers the heart of London’s design culture will be open to all of those who want to deepen their bases about London design trends.

Highlighting London Design FestivalThis is a unique collaboration between the world’s leading museum of art and design and London’s foremost contemporary design festival.

Highlighting London Design Festival

Highlighting London Design FestivalIn 2014 audiences at the V&A totaled 106,929 – which is 1.5 the number for the preceding week (30 August – 7 September).


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