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Have you heard about Paris Design Week? Believe us: next year you don’t want to miss it!

Paris Design Week scheduled between 6-13 of September, is usually described as the major event for designers and creative people. Aiming to celebrate the design trends all over the world and to publically present a selection of worldwide known design professionals, artists and creatives, this event is fully projected to be informal and with a cool vibe, but also to offer trade opportunities for those who want to do business.

Paris Design Week
Paris Design Week

Paris Design Week was imagined as a cultural event, with the expectation of offering a rich programme for those who will be at Paris MAISON&OBJECT show. Divided in 6 major themes (Art & Design, Design & Architectures, Design Iconic, Design in France, Food&Design, Fashion&Design) PDW´s visitors were offered with a large range of happenings such as cocktails, lectures and debates, tasting´s and workshop´s.

Paris Design Week Cocktail
Paris Design Week Cocktail
PDW exihibitors are amazing!
PDW exihibitors are amazing!

At night, the coolest parties joined people from all the four corners of the world, and in the spirit of bringing together different ideias, cultures and in general diferent brain wavelengths, the visitors were able to interact with some of the most inspirational and creative folks in the world!

PDW by night
PDW by night

With Paris, the city of lights, in background, these event turned to be an absolute sucess. Proving to be more than a design event, this cultural event helded more than 12.000 people, proving that this is one of the most expected european design events of the year. For what we had the opportunity to see, we are looking forward for the next year´s edition!




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