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Habitus at Designer’s Days


Saazs and architect Christian Biecher benefit of Designer’s Days to stage the new possibilities offered by hybrid glasses. This microarchitecture consists of a wooden structure clad in glass panels Quantum Glass. These colored glass plates continuously move the full transparency to full opacity, animating the structure, making it alive and welcoming. Fully open, the glass house offers spaces that created and disappear, changing perspectives. To achieve this, the designer was inspired by the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu and the concept of habitus, which governs the way we are, our frame of mind and finally, the very theme of Designer’s Days 2012, our identity (s). It is this representation of ourselves and our society as we Christian Biecher offers, open space, changing, free and autonomous, it is possible to cross. To discover in Saazs May 31 to September 28.


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