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Exhibition of Cartier in the 20th Century: Timeless Design

In the first 30 years of the 20th century, Cartier obtained no fewer than 15 royal warrants from around the world. “This effectively made Cartier the most well-known luxury jeweler among the royal courts of the world,” says Pierre Rainero, image, style and heritage director of Cartier International.

Exhibition-Cartier- in-the-20th- Century-Timeless- Design-Queen-Alexandra-wearing-Cartier-822x1024

King Edward VII’s consort Queen Alexandra wearing Cartier

Beyond the admiration of royals, including Queen Elizabeth II and the late Princess Grace, Cartier inspired jewelry lovers everywhere with chic creations that have become essential items. In 1971, photographer Cecil Beaton captured Elizabeth Taylor wearing her Cartier Love bracelet from Richard Burton to the Rothschilds’ Proust Ball along with elaborate diamond jewelry in her hair and the famous Taylor-Burton diamond around her neck. In 2012, actress Susan Sarandon was seen wearing a Cartier Love bracelet in a recent photo for People magazine.

Gracie Jewellery Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton Taylor-Burton Diamond

Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century, on view at the Denver Art Museum from November 16 to March 15, 2015, will bring together a dazzling array of lavish jewelry, timepieces, and precious objects. The exhibition will showcase the iconic Parisian jewelry brand’s evolution throughout the 20th century as it became the epitome of luxury accessories. Brilliant illustrates the historical events that influenced the brand’s direction through objects dating from 1900 to 1975. A rare opportunity to view the breadth of Cartier’s collection, DAM’s presentation brings audiences on a decadent journey through the last century, from European royalty and aristocrats to the Roaring ’20s to the age of Hollywood glamour. Among the remarkable pieces featured in the exhibition are a diamond, emerald, and ruby encrusted crocodile necklace created for Mexican actress Maria Felix (1975); a scarab buckle brooch made with ancient Egyptian faience, smoky quartz, and diamonds (1925); and an exquisite bib necklace adorned with gold, amethysts, turquoises, diamonds, and platinum (1947).


A Magnificent Cartier Ruby Diamond Necklace sold at Sotheby’s in the 1980′s. Rumored to have belonged to Diva Ganna Walska.

Exhibition-Cartier- in-the-20th- Century-Timeless- Design-Nich-Welsh-Cartier-Collection_Felix-commision

Nich Welsh “Felix commision”

The show “highlights Cartier’s rise to preeminence — and the historical events pushing the brand’s evolution,” and will be organized thematically around Cartier’s Art Deco pieces, old Hollywood glamour pieces and a section devoted to masculine items, like wristwatches.

Exhibition-Cartier- in-the-20th- Century-Timeless- Design--Selection-Jewellery-Cartier-1904-1914

Earings. Selection Pre-War Modern Jewellery Cartier 1904 – 1914

Exhibition-Cartier- in-the-20th- Century-Timeless- Design-Cartier

Exhibition-Cartier- in-the-20th- Century-Timeless- Design-cartier

Chaille, François: High Jewelry and Precious Objects by Cartier.The Odyssey of a Style. 2013. 148 pages with 230 illustrations. Hardback. 33 x 28cms.Reveals 100 new creations by the celebrated jeweller, reproduced in actual size.

The installation space of the exhibition will be designed by Nathalie Crinière, who designed the stunning, touching Yves Saint Laurent retrospective.

20th Century Cartier high end jewels influence and flourishing decades of glamorous and luxurious Art Deco style of 20s to 40s can be seen and in some modern products. Take a look at glamorous highly coveted dressing table Exotica form Koket – bold, daring and seductive. The ultra-soft reptile embossed velvet is juxtaposed with mesmerizing movements of emerald crystal tassels. Or a French influenced Burlesque console. Its acrobatic loops & spins paired with exotic skins and a black crystal on each one of the 4 drawers exude the mysterious traits of a feisty.

Exhibition-Cartier- in-the-20th- Century-Timeless- Design-burlesque-console-zoom-2

Exhibition-Cartier- in-the-20th- Century-Timeless- Design-exotica-desk-zoom-2


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