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Event “Tortona Locations” promotes emerging designers

Event “Tortona Locations” promotes emerging designers


Tortona Locations occur from 17th to 2th2 April, a network inside Tortona Design Week 2012 show. The course will be divided between locals from different countries and continents, which will compare the traditional with the industrial world, the top brand with the start-up projects and studies of university teams with the creativity of individual designers. The initiative of Tortona Locations was established with the aim of promoting emerging designers, helping them to communicate with the great names in architecture and design ,and encouraging cultural exchange and experimentation in favor of sustainability. The center of this event will be Factory 31, where it will be occurring events such as the review of Creative Space Serbia or the exhibition theme of Overture 2012, offering a multicultural setting of young talent, but also brand and materials. The event “Locations Tortona” has now 80 exhibitions in Zona Tortona, integrating the quality of exhibitions and events. Among the many realities of the circuit Tortona Design Week this year will be FuoriTrentino DEA, A Designer A Day, France Design and Design Rio 2012.

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