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Design Miami 2015

Written by: Bruno Costa

A global forum for design, that’s the best way to describe Design Miami/, will happen next December 2 – 6 in Miami Beach. Since 2005 this is the place to find some of the most coveted collectible design pieces in the USA.

The show helped to create a new market for limited-edition design, with galleries showing talented young designers who produced experimental work, something different from contemporary art because it’s used in different ways.

At its 10th anniversary Design Miami/ will be located near the Miami Beach Convention Center, a short walk from Art Basel in Miami Beach. Each show is a celebration of design, culture, and commerce and it reunites the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators, and critics from around the world. Occurring alongside the Art Basel fair in Miami Beach each December and Basel, Switzerland each June, Design Miami/ has become the premier venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing, and creating collectible design.

Design Miami 2015


The Preview Day will take place December 1st where detailed and exclusive information about the show will be presented. General admission tickets will cost $25 USD, and for students and senior citizens $20 USD. The Combination ticket, Design Miami/ and Art Basel in Miami Beach, will cost $55 USD. Tickets can be purchased at the fair entrance during the show from the 2nd – 6th of December.

While visiting Design Miami/ you should also enjoy the magnificent city of Miami! In order to help you find the best spots Covet Edition Magazine created a Miami City Guide with a selection of museums and galleries, a list of the top design stores and showrooms to visit, a curated selection of the best hotels and restaurants, a special guide about the Miami Design District, and more detailed information that you’ll love to download at

Design Miami 2015

Design Miami/ is the perfect place to buy design and gather with the world’s top galleries to see museum-quality exhibitions, unexpected furniture design, lighting, and art. That’s what you’ll find at Design Miami/ along with exciting collaborations between designers and design institutions, and panels and lectures about design, architecture, art, and fashion.

Design Miami 2015

With a program that is continuously expanding Design Miami/ wants to satisfy the demand for a high-end design fair, and broaden awareness of modern and contemporary design to the market of collectible design.

Design Miami 2015

Amid is the most reputable international design gallery, among the other galleries that also display curated exhibitions of museum-quality pieces, present at the show. The core of the show is always collectible design and the galleries invited to exhibit in Design Miami/ will show exceptional design objects from the advent of Modernism (circa 1900) to the present day, along with galleries specializing in outstanding 18th and 19th century antiques.

Each year Design Miami/ collaborates with institutions, partners and sponsors to present newly commissioned design works. These collaborations happen through immersive installations, curated exhibitions, and unique objects that express the enthusiasm for design patronage.

Design Miami/also invites designers, businesses, and institutions to create unique exhibitions with strong curatorial and educational perspectives and each Satellite program reflects a contemporary view on what’s happening in the design world at large.

Design Miami 2015

Each December Design Miami/ commissions early-career architects to build a designed environment for the fair’s entrance as part of its Design Commissions program.

Talks program presents the design world’s current topics, reuniting creative minds, collectors, and critics that influence design. Talks at Design Miami/ is the best place to learn about everything that matters in the world of design and debate you point of view.

The applications for Design Curio are launched every July, this is a new exhibition platform which invites designers, curators, innovators, and gallerists to present special points dedicated to familiar design narratives that will arouse the curiosity of everyone at the show. The program emphasizes surprising installations of scientific and technological research alongside handcraft and creative production.

Design Miami 2015

The new Design Visionary award was launched last year to celebrate individuals who have significantly contributed to the field of design. The winners can be collectors, curators, architects, and persons who influence and are engaged in design in the broadest sense. Last year’s laureate was the architect Peter Marino, who was featured as the subject of an exhibition celebrating his multiple roles within the world of design. Design Miami/ recognized Marino for his achievements as an architect, for his knowledge and status as a collector of design, art and the decorative arts, and for the impact he has had as an advisor on contemporary and twentieth century design to his numerous clients.

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