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Design Biennial at Saint-Etienne

The 8th edition of the Biennial occurs between 14th to 31st March 2013 and it promises to  provide a stage for numerous international actions and actors.

In keeping with its specificity the Biennial, produced by the Public Establishment of Cultural Co-operation, and the Cité du Design – Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design, will bring professional actors and the general public together in a series of exhibitions, conferences, seminars and festive events around the city, in the different museums and at the Cité du Design on the site of Saint-Etienne’s former arms manufacture.

Empathy, or “experiencing the other”

Saint-Etienne lives this biennal with intensity, with its citizens envolved in the organization of the events that are prepared for foreigners. The main theme of next year is “Empathy, or experiencing the other”. One of the notions explored is the foundation of a new society based on empathy – the mechanism whereby an individual can understand and share the fellow feelings and emotions of others.

Throughout the 2013 Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial, it will be explored different issues that an empathetic society generates, and its capacity to reconstruct the world: what it proposes, but also what are the risks involved.

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