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Design Agenda: Design City 2014 Luxembourg Biennale

The third event of the Design City biennial in Luxembourg is devoted to the question of design in public areas and its integration in everyday life. Anna Loporcaro, a design curator at the Mudam, the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art, initiated this relatively new event in 2010.

The Design City Luxembourg Biennale is intended to be a laboratory for ideas, a promotional tool and an experimental platform for the participation of designers in the development of the city. This edition will result in two exhibitions (one at Mudam, the other in the public space of Luxembourg), a conference programme plus an “off” route of the city’s designers, traders and partner institutions.

This year, in the public space of Luxembourg, Design City is based in the Kinnekswiss (City Park) where it will be presenting three large-scale projects that address the “green lung” of the city from different angles.

Never For Money, Always For Love

The first exhibition Never For Money, Always For Love, focuses on the specific exchange relationship between Luxembourg and Portugal, the largest community of immigrants in the country. Envisaged as a platform for exchange between two art scenes, the exhibition at the Mudam will bring together thirteen designers from Portugal and Luxembourg who, by integrating a critical and responsible approach to their design practice, will reinvent the means of creation and production.


Never For Money, Always For Love

Exhibition from 3rd April to 15th June 2014

Preview 2nd April 2014

Into the Process

The second main exhibition, called Into the Process, is an off-site exhibition specially designed for the municipal park Kinnekswiss in response to the ‘diversity’ of the users of this green zone to understand the circulation, analyse the users, offer different “zones” and solutions to sustain this green lung in Luxembourg. From 23rd April to 16th June 2014, the town park will therefore be the venue for three teams of designers and architects.





Into the Process

Exhibition in the public area from 23rd April to 15th June 2014

Preview 23rd April 2014


Conferences, Marketplace for Creators and Off or fringe route in the town

Design City 2014 will offer a programme of conferences (with an introduction to the history of design by the French curator Benjamin Loyauté and an intervention by the English designer Paul Priestman a design specialist in the domain of transport), a Marketplace for Creators, as well as a fringe itinerary with designers, city retailers and partner institutions with for example an installation Home+Work by the Luxembourgish design company Super-ette around a desk by Tomas Kral, an exhibition of rugs by Jan Kath, the project Pet Lamp that provides a bridge between Amazonian culture and the western market and a new accessory by the Luxembourgish designer Anne-Marie Herckes.

Useful Information:

Mudam Luxembourg Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art

3, Park Dräi Eechelen,

L-1499 Luxembourg-Kirchberg

t +352 45 37 85 1,

Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday: 11am – 8pm

Saturday – Monday: 11am – 6pm

Closed on Tuesdays.

Press contact:

Valerio D’Alimonte, , t +352 45 37 85 633

Elsa Sarfati  00336 10 84 27 48

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