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Design Agenda – Casa Cor SP 2012

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CASA COR São Paulo 2012, the biggest event of architecture, decoration and landscaping of America, and the second largest in the world, has already began and it will end at 22nd July. This year’s edition theme is “Fashion, Style and Technology”, picturing the universe of fashion that is increasingly present in decorating projects. With international success in the fashion world and also in advertising, Gisele Bündchen will be honored, serving as inspiration and reference for the creations of professionals (including architects, interior designers, landscape architects and designers). If you can make it to São Paulo, you will have the chance to see more than 22 decor projects from all over the world.

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Jum Nakao

This year’s edition reinforces the new moment of the Brazilian economy and the architecture and decoration market, after all, fashion is increasingly present in our everyday life. Printed materials, textures and colors that serve as reference to the stylists are being rapidly absorbed and gaining new insights in the architectural projects, interior design and construction items.

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Brunete Fraccaroli

At this year’s edition CASA COR will present more than 90 rooms signed by renowned names from architecture, interior design and landscaping world. And following the tradition of always innovate, with each edition CASA COR established itself as the event where trends materialize in real environments, and especially functional. Sustainability is another pillar increasingly present at their events.

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Débora Aguiar

“This is a great challenge and mission for the brand, because the architects are seeking to combine the use of sustainable materials for comfort and beauty. Eco-friendly environments, reducing water consumption and waste, vertical gardens, as well as furniture and demolition wood coatings have become items of desire for those who appreciate architecture and decoration” says Angelo Derenze, President of CASA COR.

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Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris & Iara Kílaris

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