Crafts & Industry at Liège Design Biennal

Reciprocity Design Liège is the new name of the International Design Biennial in Liège, which takes place in the belgium city until 28th October.

Amongst Reciprocity Design Liège 2012 different goals, the renewed team would like to identify, gather and give a local and international visibility to active forces in Wallonia, in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine area and in Belgium.

We let you with Crafs and Industry, one of the major exhibitions that are being held.

Crafts & Industry

The artistic direction of this exhibition is charged by Gabriele Pezzini, an ltalien designer and theoric from Charleroi.

Crafts & Industry asks the reciprocity between the Crafts and the Industry by an analysis of fabrication systems and the language of the objects.

design liege  Crafts & Industry at Liège Design Biennal 20120620141133 img 5474ss

photo Yosuke Otomo

crafts  Crafts & Industry at Liège Design Biennal 20120620135629 img 5070

photo Yosuke Otomo

nieves contreras  Crafts & Industry at Liège Design Biennal 20120621154431 outline 300ipi

 Nieves Contreras

declerq  Crafts & Industry at Liège Design Biennal 20120621153829  raw9970 300ipiDeclercq

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