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Best Exhibitors at 6th Vienna Design Week


In its sixth year, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is once again taking place in its customary variety already tomorrow! The multi-layered and diverse festival occurs from  28th of Sept. to 7th of Oct in Vienna, Austria, promising to be an overwhelming success.

The festival headquarters and the variety of exhibitions will be located in the “Gschwandner”, in the 16th and 17th districts, in a former amusement park.

This is a selection of what to look forward. Enjoy!


Dansk Møbeldesign/Danish Furniture Design

With Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjaerholm for Fritz Hansen


The WAGNER:WERK Museum is showing the revolutionary furniture designs of Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjaerholm produced over the decades by the Danish company of Fritz Hansen. Both designers substantiate the non-dogmatic attitude of Scandinavian furniture design, which adapts smoothly to different architectural styles – less a question of designing complete interiors than far more of producing variably applicable and combinable individual pieces.

Venue: Ottowagner

From 1/10 to 7/10



IOYO & MAIA – Biogenic Product and Process Innovations

vienna design week

Together with the young Tyrolean start-up Organoid Technologies, the Vienna design studio Nofrontiere are designing seating furniture and moulded chairs of a special sustainable type. The young entrepreneurs have developed a process in which finely ground biogenic materials (grasses, wood chips etc.) The patented organoid® manufacturing process supports the production of entirely non-polluting products from locally available natural materials.

Venue: Das Gschwandner

From 28/09 to 7/10


After Work Meeting Point with Rampelotto & Pernkopf

pilot chair

“Simultaneously hard and soft” is the appearance of the stool by Rampelotto & Pernkopf. PILOT is an apt name for a piece of furniture people can land on with the greatest of ease.  As part of the approaching After Work Meeting Point in the MAK Design Shop, Patrick Rampelotto and Fritz Pernkopf demonstrate the various stages of the project, starting with the key sketches and models, then the prototypes and individual components until the final phase of the industrially produced stool.

Venue: MAK Design Shop

2/10, 18:00–21:00




By Lobmeyer and Michael Anastassiades

Light refracts in crystal. The aim of this collaboration was to capture this natural interplay of the two elements in a fascinating object. An elegantly minimal but strong metal sculpture typical of Michael Anastassiades provides placement and stability for the fine glass components fashioned by Lobmeyr. The crystal ball, cut and polished in different variants, envelops the light source and refracts the light. Two hemispheres of different size are suggestive of orbits. Light, shade and the interplay with geometry and space add a magical fascination to the objects.

Venue: J. & L. Lobmeyr

From 28/09 to 6/10


Oscar Diaz at LightGlass

oscar diaz

The LightGlass company has developed techniques for producing architectural glass (with patents). Their products are the ultimate in versatility, applicable for all visual types of coloured glass in object or in architecture, including the finest, laser-cut and multicoloured motif.

Oscar Diaz is a Spanish designer working in London. Owing to his delight in experimentation with material properties and techniques he is a quite wonderful complementary force for LightGlass – and adds motifs and colour to shop windows as a form of analogue Augmented Reality!

Venue: Schon Schön

From 28/09 to 5/10


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