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BDW2015 is redefining design!

Beirut is the design capital of the Middle East and North Africa, and Beirut Design Week is its beating heart. With a growing participation every year, BDW is a platform of cultural and economic development for entrepreneurs and designers from Lebanon, the MENA region, Europe and the US.

BDW2015 is redefining design!Now in its fourth year, BDW2015 is bringing together creators and consumers with more than 150 events linking all corners of Beirut—and beyond. Amidst the political instability in the entire region, Beirut is again making its mark as a leading force in creative and intellectual prosperity.

BDW2015 is redefining design!

BDW2015 is redefining design!Since its inception in 2012, BDW has tripled in size and cemented its role as the central platform for the creative economies in Lebanon. Including architecture, product, lighting, fashion, furniture, tech, and graphic design, the Lebanese creative community is an untapped force for economic and cultural revitalization. By fostering ties within this community, BDW is building a unique and sustainable platform that promotes all dedicated individuals in the aim of countering brain drain. By linking with the world of international design, BDW is also raising the nation’s profile, increasing tourism, and promoting cultural exports.



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