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Art & Graft rebrands kids’ television channel Boomerang

Children’s television channel Boomerang – sub-channel of Cartoon Network – has undergone a global rebrand, with the aim of turning it into a “fun-filled playground”.

All elements of the new look, including illustrations and animations, have been designed by Art & Graft, and are being rolled out internationally throughout 2015.

“This is the kind of project that plays to our strengths,” says Mike Moloney, founder and creative director at Art & Graft. “Design brought to life through a variety of complimentary animation techniques.”

The consultancy has swapped the blue, boomerang-shaped B for a cubic logo reflecting the new “isometric grid” design, which has been used to fall in line with Cartoon Network’s style.

“Our brief was to align Boomerang more closely to Cartoon Network, which is very blocky,” Moloney says. “Taking this geometric approach and shifting it to an isometric grid felt like a nice solution that allowed us to create the variety of our fun worlds that make up the final channels.”

The consultancy has designed the grid to act as a playground, or “fun, sensory world in which Boomerang characters can live and grow”, Moloney says.

“Very early on in the development process we discussed the things that young children enjoy, then tried to encapsulate them in our designs,” he says. “Objects appear and disappear like a magician at a kids party; kids’ favourite characters are chased through the scenes like a big game of hide-and-seek.”

Art & Graft has also created mini animations called ‘Diamond Events’, where Boomerang cartoon characters can be changed between isometric modules.

“This makes it possible for the various regions around the world to swap around and replace each animation, giving them freedom to bring their own creative spin to the rebrand,” Moloney says.

Turner Broadcasting, parent company of Cartoon Network, also briefed the consultancy with creating a brand that would appeal to both parents and children.

“I’ve spent my fair share of rainy weekend mornings in front of the TV watching cartoons with my two young kids, so it was nice to be able to give one of those channels we’ve watched together a refresh,” Moloney says.

The rebrand, which has just launched in the UK, will be used across all platforms, including television, print and online. It was rolled out in Latin America and Australia at the end of 2014, and will continue to be rolled out across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the USA this year.

Art & Graft rebrands kids’ television channel Boomerang

Art & Graft rebrands kids’ television channel BoomerangArt & Graft rebrands kids’ television channel Boomerang


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