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Art Basel 2014 Stars You Must See this Week

Art Basel stages the world’s premier Modern and contemporary art shows, held annually in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. Founded by gallerists in 1970, Art Basel has been a driving force in supporting the role that galleries play in the nurturing of artists, and the development and promotion of visual arts.

Art-Basel-2014- Stars-You-Must- See-this-Week

In addition to showing exciting works by world-renowned artists, Art Basel is always innovating, thus expanding its platform for new artists who represent the vanguard of the visual arts. Its worldwide reputation – earned over the last forty years – for showing work of the highest merit, and attracting the world’s leading gallerists and collectors, has made Art Basel the place where the artworld meets.

Best Design Events invites you to visit Art Basel 2014 in one of Europe’s most alluring cultural cities of Switzerland from June 19 to 22. This premier international art show of its kind for Modern and contemporary works, bring over 300 leading galleries from around the world to the heart of Europe. The exhibition includes the highest-quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, video and editioned works.

Art lovers, that are planning to visit the Art Basel 2014 can find full Event Callendar here.

Best Design Events recommend to see these exhibitors at Art Basel 2014:


Katy Grannan’s photographs range from classic portraiture of staid nudes in pastoral settings to street photography of down-and-out drag queens and prostitutes eager to be seen. Grannan’s documentary works, such as her portraits for the New York Times Magazine, incorporate details that amplify the humanity of her subjects and the painful circumstances they must abide. For example, Jeff Stackhouse (2000) features a teenager wearing prison stripes, standing abjectly amid the rusted furnishings of the adult penitentiary where he is incarcerated.

Art-Basel-2014- Stars-You-Must- See-this-Week-KatyGrannan_Boulevard_courtesy-of-Fraenkel

Art-Basel-2014- Stars-You-Must- See-this-Week-KatyGrannan_Boulevard_14_Anonymous-LA

Artwork “Eternity” by Xu Zhen in the Unlimited section of Art Basel 2014, Switzerland

Art-Basel-2014- Stars-You-Must- See-this-Week-Eternity-Xu-Zhen-Art-Basel-2014


Performance artist, sculptor, and painter John M. Armleder draws from what he calls a “supermarket of forms.” His art can take on attributes of Suprematist painting, Minimalistsculpture, Dada readymades, or, in the case of his wall paintings, actual wallpaper (turning Sol LeWitt’s ideology on its head while referencing Francis Picabia’s dots orSurrealism’s lobsters). Affiliated with Fluxus in the 1960s and ‘70s, Armleder was also associated with Neo-Geo (short for Neo-Geometric Conceptualism) in the 1980s for his furniture sculptures, conflating art and the design object. His works explore decor as the inevitable devolution of cultural expressions into background elements.

Art-Basel-2014- Stars-You-Must- See-this-Week-Art_Basel_2014-John-Armleder

Artwork “Self-Portrait” by Andy Warhol in the gallery section of Art Basel 2014, Switzerland

Art-Basel-2014- Stars-You-Must- See-this-Week-Andy-Warhol-Self-Portrait-1986

Artwork “La Giuria” by Michelangelo Pistoletto in the gallery section of Art Basel 2014, Switzerland

Art-Basel-2014- Stars-You-Must- See-this-Week-La_giuria_by_Michelangelo-Pistoletto

Artwork “Sphere Rouge” by Julio Le Parc in the gallery section of Art Basel 2014, Switzerland

Art-Basel-2014- Stars-You-Must- See-this-Week-Sphere Rouge-by-Julio-Le-Parc

Artwork “The Sovereign Citizens Sesquicentennial Civil War Celebration” by Kara Walker in the gallery section of Art Basel 2014, Switzerland

Art-Basel-2014- Stars-You-Must- See-this-Week-The-Sovereign-Citizens-Sesquicentennial-Civil-War-Celebration-by-Kara-Walker

Exhibition Halls
Art Basel takes place in Halls 1 and 2 of Messe Basel, Messeplatz, Basel, Switzerland.

Hall 1: Built in 1999 by the Swiss architect and art collector Theo Hotz, this hall hosts Unlimited, Art Basel Conversations, Salon and Magazines.

Hall 2: A landmark building from the 1950s, built by Hans Hoffmann, the building hosts Galleries, Feature, Edition and Statements. Download theFloorplan to make yourself acquainted with the setup of the halls.


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