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All about FadFest Barcelona

FADfest is the FAD‘s annual event celebrating creative excellence. It recognises the work of professionals and businesses and brings design closer to the citizens. A showcase in which to discover the best proposals of the year in architecture, interior design, graphic design, advertising, industrial design, the handicrafts, art and fashion that is held in Barcelona between 29 June and 5 July 2015.

All about FadFest Barcelona


All about FadFest Barcelona

The FADfest is the festival of industrial design, graphic design and visual communication, architecture and interior design, fashion, art and crafts. It is the festival that celebrates creative excellence, that recognizes the work of professionals and businesses and brings design closer to the people.

All about FadFest Barcelona

Fostering Arts and Design is FAD, a private not-for-profit association that promotes design and architecture in the country’s economic, cultural and social spheres. Founded in the year 1903, the FAD has become a standard in the fields of design and architecture in Catalonia and Spain thanks to its ongoing work in promoting the creative industries and in supporting professionals and businesses in this field through prizes to excellence, conferences, exhibitions, publications and events. In this regard, the FAD plays a leading role in dynamising design, as a catalyst of innovation.

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