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6th Łódź Design Festival – AWARENESS

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Lodz Design Festival already starts tomorrow and it runs until 28th October. It is an event which, since its creation in 2007, has been the ground for thought and experience exchange for artistic circles who identify with design in general, and for business.

The key point of Lodz Design Festival is always a thematic main programme consisting of curator exhibitions. It is developed and completed by open and varied range of accompanying events.

The main theme of the 6th edition of the Łódź Design Festival – International Festival of Design in Łódź – is AWARENESS.

By choosing this concept as the theme of the entire festival, the organization wishes to draw attention to the importance of awareness in design, and to the various understandings of the term in relation to design.

lodz design

Designing encompasses many different types of “awareness”: social, regional, environmental, ecological, energy-related (understood as the responsible use of energetic resources), as well as one of the most important types of awareness today – the awareness of sustainable development – 3 x RE (REduce, REcycle, REuse).

In our times, all these elements are exceptionally important and become indissolubly linked with responsible designing. The issues they address are too important to be neglected or overlooked.

lodz design

Awareness refers to a wide array of concepts, enabling us to search and find answers to the most important (meta) questions about past, present and future. In the field of design, these questions take on a new meaning, not only a philosophical one, but also practical and research-related.


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