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5+ moments that shaped the world of design events

The history of design is made of milestones. Here, we higlight some design related events that truly shaped the modern world of design.

1- MoMA public opening

MOMA, Museum of Modern Art, is today one of the most recognizable museums in the world. The idea for the museum was primarily developed by three womans: Abby Aldrich Rockeffeler, Lillie P. Bliss ad Mary Quinn Sullivan. Opened to the public on November 7, 1929,  MoMA played a very important role in the shaping of the so-called Good Design.

MoMA one of the top Museums in the world
MoMA one of the top Museums in the world

2- New York Fashion Week First Edition

Known today as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, these event takes place every year at New York since 1943. It has born from the necessity of taking some kind of contact with parisien fashion during the Second World War. Organized by Eleanor Lambert, was by then known as ” Press Week”. Nowadays, is one of the most important design events in the world.

New York Fashion Week first edition
New York Fashion Week first edition

3- 2001 OFFF festival founded

This spanish event, firstly helded at Barcelona in 2001, is nowadays one of the most well-known events in the creative agenda. Since then, it keeps bringing some of the planet´s most creative artists.

OFFF Barcelona
OFFF Barcelona

4- 2009: Offset joins OFFF

Starting as a small initiative of The Small Print, in 2009, these creative festival grew in a massive scale in the last 4 years, being today one of the most attended design events in the globe. The event is held at Hainault Forest Country Park, and in the goal was to stand a firm reaction against overpriced festivals with less than creative lineups.

OFFSET Festival
OFFSET Festival

5- Andy Warhol first West Coast gallery exhibition

Andy Warhol first exhibited is artistic work at a gallery on July 9, 1962, in the Ferus  Gallery of Los Angeles. This exhibition is now considered a design landmark because it was the real big public debut of Pop Art. In 1962, the artist made his first exhibit at New York, at Eleanor Ward´s Stable Gallery. Some of the works exhibited were 100 Soup Cans, 100 Coke Bottles, and 100 Dollar Bills, for example.

Andy Warhol pop portrait
Andy Warhol pop portrait

Many additional design events could be highlighted as key moments in the history of design.  Whether it’s been the opening of a design studio, the release a break new disruptive video or the release of a design software, there are some moments that define the modern design, changing it for eternity.

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