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2015 International Design Congress (2015 IDC)

2015 International Design Congress (2015 IDC) will be held in Gwangju (South Korea) from 17-23 October 2015 at the Kimdaejung Convention Center.

2015 IDC will provide a new platform for communication between academics, experts and professionals, public groups, communities and government organisations. Throughout the congress, speakers and panelists will introduce questions about issues our woners and other delegates from around the world. The event’s 9,000m2 exhibition space will also provide opportunities for participants to learn about the latest trends across multiple design disciplines.rld is facing which will hopefully ignite active participation from designers who are eager to discuss and explore solutions.

2015 International Design Congress (2015 IDC)

The programming is divided into three umbrella categories that will house some of the sub-categories Eeum: Design Connects, International Design Congress 2015 seeks to cover.

Monday, 19 October will cover the theme of ‘Open and Create’. The events scheduled for this day seek to create opportunities for awareness that may inform processes and projects in design.

2015 International Design Congress (2015 IDC)

Tuesday, 20 October will be facilitate a theme of ‘Share and Participate’. The goals for this day’s events will reflect some of the core values of this event which is the creation of an open platform for multi-disciplinary discussions and collaboration.

Wednesday, 21 October will encourage a theme where designers may ‘Innovate and Continue’. The goal of this day will be to engage in discussions that not only pertain to design and its connectedness now but sustainability and future application.

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