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Young Italy



Young Italy? Y.E.D!

Showcase of ethical novelty created by young Italian talent.

Young Italy? Y.E.D! (Young Design Ethic)

Young Italy? Y.E.D! (Young Design Ethic) wants to be a great showcase of news created by young italien talent.

The acronym Y.E.D! (Young Design Ethic) transmits important concepts which will be based on the future of our society


Showcase of novelty ethical created by young Italian talent

Young Italy? Y.E.D! (Young Design Ethic) wants to be a great showcase of news’ ethical all created by young Italian talent.
The acronym Y.E.D! is the bearer of important concepts which will be based on ‘the future of our society’ (youth ‘- the future – Ethics – innovation and design) that despite our contemporary moment of social and economic crisis, wants to look highly promisingyoung people to grow and to return to emerge in the world in a more sustainable the name of our “made ​​in Italy”.

The Show Young Italy? Y.E.D! is conceived by most installations each dedicated to ayoung designer or collectively, including Luca Bazzi, ZE123, Mario Pagliaro, which illustrate a specific narrative of experiences and activities’ through objects, video,conceptualized ideas into drawings and sketches that are making change through the contribution of these actors, the face and the habits of our daily lives.

Each intervention is thought of as” Work of Art “, able to communicate a strong” ethical thinking “that involves the visitor towards a new concept of design that respects the environment, life and welfare of each of us, in short, a powerful vehicle of “new wealth” that experience deep economic integration between individual and environment.

Curators of the exhibition will be the architect and Dr. Walter Vallini. Andrea AntonelloD’Egidio.

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