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london  TOP 5 EXHIBITORS ON 100% DESIGN LONDON 100percent design london banner

100% Design in London is only a month away and there are some names you absolutely can’t miss! We know who they are and here are the first five.

Boca do Lobo

boca do lobo  TOP 5 EXHIBITORS ON 100% DESIGN LONDON boca do lobo diamond sideboard

Boca do Lobo Diamond Sideboard

Boca do Lobo’s exquisite pieces, handcrafted by masterful Portuguese artisans, will involve you in an emotional experience and a passionate state of mind. Walking on a frontier between design and art and creating a world of emotion, you can witness it all at Stand L1.


vitra chairs  TOP 5 EXHIBITORS ON 100% DESIGN LONDON vitra chairs

vitra chairs

Founded in 1950 in Switzerland, Vitra is a brand part of the more functional, less decorative world of furniture. Thanks to its diligent design and engineering as well as creative genius, it is known for office excellent. Meet them at Stand L210.

Herman Miller

herman miller  TOP 5 EXHIBITORS ON 100% DESIGN LONDON herman miller chairs

Herman miller chairs

Herman Miller is synonymous with modern furniture and legendary design that has, through almost 100 years, produced classic, honest pieces. It studies work and living environments and, through problem-solving research and design, it delivers products and services that improve these environments. They will be at stand 0110.


magis  TOP 5 EXHIBITORS ON 100% DESIGN LONDON magis one chair

Magis one chair

Magis is the brand that has given a novel twist to domestic design, building its identity on incorporating leading edge technology into mass production. Magis can as easily be seen in a home, an office or a hotel. It makes its mark thinking up ideas, and then working closely with many top international designers to bring those ideas to life. Stand? Stay tuned!


knoll chairs  TOP 5 EXHIBITORS ON 100% DESIGN LONDON knoll chairs

Knoll chair

Also a brand popular within office environments everywhere, Knoll creates workplace furnishings that inspire, evolve and endure. Aims to make furniture that adapts to changing needs, while at the same time worrying about a sustainable design. They will be at Stand L110.

We’re preparing another handful of great design to be seen in London, so don’t miss next week!

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