If you want to contribute to Best Design Events here is what you need to do.

I will evaluate every submission with interest, enthusiasm, respect, and promptness and I will give credit to everyone for their work.

Here is what you should send:

Photos and Images
– I would like to receive as many images that you have.
– I prefer high resolution JPEG files, but can also work with PNG files.
– If you have a lot of photos, you can put them in a .zip or .rar folder.
– Let me know any photographer credits that you would like me to include.

– Send a text description including the name of your article on a .doc file.
– Provide your name and the link to your website or blog if you have one so I can give proper credit.

How to send the files?

– An easy way to send a large number of files is to use (it’s fast & free!).
On the WeTransfer website, just select the files you want to send, then use com as the email address to send the files to.
– If you prefer a more traditional way, you can send all files through email

If I require any further information I will let you know.

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